Samsara Blues Experiment – Revelation & Mistery (2011)

27 Feb Samsara Blues Experiment – Revelation & Mistery (2011)

World In Sound Records (2011)

After their super debut album, Thomas Vedder, Hans Bob, Richard Beherens and Christian Peters should have thought – at least for a while – whether to record another perfect psychedelic stoner rock album or go beyond it. Revelation and Mistery is the result of that choice. Berliner quartet’s second official album sounds much more “architected” and “composed” than its predecessor and add a really effective kraut-proggy attitude to the smoky atmospheres engendered by the band.

Samsara Blues Experiment - Revelation & MisteryFlipside Apocalypse” is the first revelation and in a little more than a minute presents a synthesis of the whole album: hard drumming, clean funk-a-delic riffin’, heavy bouncing and deep slowdowns. 2nd “Hanging on the Wire” is what we should call “the easy track”. But don’t misunderstand: “Paranoid” is easy, “Green Machine” too. Great melody and lyrics, while your feet stamp and ask for more riffin’. The same happens with “Into the Black“, which sounds maybe as the closest track to “long distance trip” Samsara’s debut. Acoustic “Thirsty Moon” melt 90’s sound with San Francisco psychedelic naïf attitude and puts on the tracklist a very introvert ray of light. The same mood is amplified within the instrumental “Zwei Schatten im Schatten” where vocalist and guitarist Christian Peters delight listeners with sitar and acoustic guitars through a melodic upside inspired from the most floaty and transcendental India.

But the best has yet to come. “Outside Inside Blues” is maybe the best episode of the album and melt in a multichromatic-suite 30 years of music with the ease that belongs to great bands. For sure, my personal favorite, titletrack “Revelation and Mistery” push the doomy pedal down and brings back on the surface the heaviest atmospheres of the album, here with great vocal parts carried by monolithic guitars and bass tunes. A simply fearlessalbum!!!

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World In Sound Records (2011)

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